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What are Existential Circles?

Existential Circles offer a weekly online space for individuals to connect, share stories, ​and engage in activities inspired by various therapeutic approaches in a secure and ​respectful environment.

How can I join an Existential Circle?

Fill out a form on our website to find your circle. We'll contact you with further details ​and match you with a circle that suits your preferences : click here.

Are the circles moderated?

Circles are facilitated by a certified Existential facilitator who acts as both a moderator ​and animator. Our facilitators are here to guide the session and ensure the Circle is a ​safe space for everyone at any given time. Our facilitators never give advice or ​feedback. This person is not a healthcare professional, psychologist, or therapist. The ​facilitator is there to ensure the rules are respected and to facilitate the discussions.

What happens in a Circle?

Take a peek inside what a Circle looks like: click here

Each session involves comfortable, online meet-ups with circle members, storytelling, ​shared experiences, and workshops, all conducted in a pressure-free pace that ​respects individual growth.

Each circle consists of 9 participants and 1 facilitator to ensure everyone has the ​opportunity to speak and learn from each other in an intimate setting.

What themes do Existential Circles cover?

They cover a wide range of themes, including emotional release, stress, ​hypersensitivity, solitude, authenticity, atypical personalities, love relationships, deep ​emotional connections, self-confidence, accepting one's past, and emotion ​management.

Are the sessions in-person or online?

Sessions are 100% online, allowing participants to connect from anywhere via a video ​conferencing tool.

How are the sessions scheduled and ​structured?

Sessions range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, tailored to fit participants' lifestyles, and ​can include either audio-only or video meetings, with options for one-time participation ​or joining a scheduled circle.

Existential Circles is not a medical ​device and does not replace medical ​monitoring or treatment.

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