An interactive transformative ​experience from the comfort ​of your home.

A mindful rendezvous

Heroes thrive their best when matched with ​supportive allies!

We design Circles: live virtual meetings where ​members connect through guided mindful ​exercises and creative workshops.

Your invitation to live ​a life you love

Your invitation to live ​a life you love

Feel connected

No judgment, ​performance, or ​pressure: feel less alone ​in a safe space.

Learn new skills

Strengthen your mental ​health by learning ​emotional skills and ​becoming more creative.

Reveal yourself

Commit to your growth: ​get inspired, feel ​empowered, and ​challenge yourself to ​shine your authentic self.

Stress free ​experience

Flexible for you

30min up to 1h30 ​sessions available weekly ​for your agenda

Also in “one shots”

Experience a no-​engagement Circle

Pick your format

We offer both audio-​only sessions and video ​meetings


Small groups of 10 ​people max

What our members say

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Margot, 30

I grew up with social anxiety and ​always had a hard time speaking in ​public and meeting new people. ​Participating in Existential Circles ​was a personal challenge to step out ​my comfort zone. I’m so proud of ​myself, not only do I feel more ​confident expressing myself, but I ​also met incredible people and made ​new friends!

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Lucie, 43

Having a child concerned with ​mental health issues when you have ​a fluctuating job like mine seems ​insurmountable. I have a breathing ​space once a week, which is the ​circles. It helps me be more fulfilled ​every day and gives me keys to ​communicate with my son.

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Charles, 50


Connect with

Existential Space

The home of our vibrant community on ​Discord, where we support each other 24/7!

Step into your hero’s journey

Step into your hero’s journey

All heroes had to overcome struggles and ​challenges before becoming who they are.

We are here to guide you through the next step ​of your self-discovery adventure!

find your next quest and unlock your free roadmap, brimming with ​unique activities, a personalized growth toolkit, and exclusive perks




Existential Circles is not a medical ​device and does not replace medical ​monitoring or treatment.

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